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Shopping at Lamai Beach

The Lamai area has plenty of shopping opportunities whether it be for basic souvenirs, special Thai artworks, swimwear and equipment, or even fresh food and produce for those staying in self-catering.

In the center of town, next to the boxing and the McDonalds, there is the main shopping and entertainment plaza.  Opening in the evenings from around 5pm.  Like a miniature version of Patpong in Bangkok this offers all types of entertainment and shopping for tourists.

Try picking up some traditional Thai handicrafts such as wood carvings, or hand painted fabrics.  The artisans of Samui have also perfected oil painting in both traditional Thai, modern western and fusion styles allowing you to pick up big canvases for your home which are both imaginative and very affordable.

Almost all shopping in Lamai Beach, like anywhere on Samui does require some bargaining. This is a friendly encounter between shopper and shopkeeper and as long as done in a friendly manner without too much pushing can make everybody happy. Remember only to start bargaining in good faith though, it is rude to negotiate a price then refuse to make a purchase.

From t-shirts to reproduction handbags everything is available here in the Lamai Beach shops.


Restaurants Dining

Dining opportunities abound at Lamai Beach, with everything from beach side open air restaurants where you dine with your feet in the sand, to up market European eateries with white table cloth fine dining. And of course everything in between.

Whether you fancy Authentic Thai food, or modernized fusion cuisine, favorites from your home country or an international spread there is something for every taste and every budget at Lamai Beach.

Well packed together in the centre of Lami are a wide range of choices, and then each of the resorts and hotels along the beach of course have their own in house dining choices the great majority of which are open to any customer.

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